Your system partner

We look at the big picture

Your series

We look at the vehicle as an overall system. In the development phase, we consider specific interfaces based on the vehicle layout and/or add-on or built-in parts.
To optimise the integration of our products in your vehicle, we accompany practical trials and road tests as required and question existing solutions.

Your processes

We organise the procurement, delivery and mounting of our products for you with the greatest possible efficiency. We analyse your work methods and look for potential ways to optimise the integration of our products. For example, we achieve substantial time and cost savings for you by integrating and processing the ordering process in your ERP system, by just-in-sequence delivery straight to your assembly line or by intelligent concepts for re-using blanks.

Your market

We keep in touch with the latest trends, whether this involves new developments, interesting trends in the segment, technology standards or the latest standards and directives. We keep an eye on all related sectors. This allows us to respond quickly to changes and offer you appropriate and competitive solutions at all times.