Project and process expertise

Good planning is the key to success

Intensive coordination and detailed planning

Even before the start of the project, we make a point of conducting intense discussions with you to define the basic framework conditions. This helps us consider all contingencies from the outset and include them in project planning.

Maximum transparency is standard practice for us

To create the necessary transparency you need, we document the project from start to finish. At regular agreed project meetings at your offices, we report to you on the latest project progress and clarify outstanding issues.

Safety from the start

After series production is approved, we carry out a production and product release process and provide the first sample test report (ISTR). This ensures that production can have a smooth start.

We tackle disturbances head on

We are capable of identifying potential disturbances and reducing them to a minimum. This saves time, nerves, money and makes your working day much easier. However, should complications arise, we respond rapidly root out the source.

There’s always something to improve

After series production starts, we also conduct assembly line monitoring inspections to identify and harness potential improvements. The same applies to end of project – we stay on the look-out for further potential optimisations. We collaborate with you to conduct project reviews.

Certified by professionals

If safety-critical products are involved, we work together with German inspection bodies such as the TÜV and DEKRA. Internal and external audits – even conducted by our customers – confirm our project competence time and again as we are certified to DIN ISO 9001.