Hymer-Leichtmetallbau Automotive Division

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We strive to learn about your specific requirements. The important thing for us is to enter into close contact with you from the outset, pepper you with questions from time to time, and discuss all the framework conditions with you down to the last detail. Personal exchange of a high priority for us. We are happy to advise you on site, conduct assembly line monitoring inspections with you, attend joint regular and project meetings or fit prototypes directly on your assembly line. In this way, we can offer you the best solution and the best possible service in the long term.

Direct, personal and intensive exchange with you – for us, this is the key to a successful project.


Simply ticking off tasks one by one – that’s not our style. Not only do we want to satisfy you, we want to convince you. This is why we not only give our full attention to your requirements, we think creatively and out of the box. Our aim is to present you proactively with interesting thoughts and approaches from our point of view. As a result, we not only take a close look at the product, we also look at related aspects such as how to integrate the product in your manufacturing and assembly process or your logistics.

Attention and a wider viewpoint lead to interesting new ideas that open up promising perspectives.


We don’t think in terms of problems. We think in terms of solutions – backed by technical expertise and common sense. And if something doesn’t quite work without a hitch and there is a need to act quickly, we’re there. Quickly, flexibly and without fuss. Our motto when things need to be done fast is keep the talking short and just get on with it. If need be, we don’t shy away from modifying routine processes on the spot, finding new solutions on the fly and then adopting them.

Our top priority is to make sure your processes continue to run or to optimise them, to avoid downtimes and to support you in achieving your goals.


We would like you to concentrate on your core tasks. So, we carry out our own tasks with 100 percent reliability and conscientiousness.  We ensure a high level of quality of our products and services by proactive project organisation, high process standards and exacting internal directives. Our performance standard is based on FEM calculations, conducting FMEA during product development, applying our own developed test methods and internal standards, optimised logistics and sustainable concepts, for example the re-use of blanks.

Feel free impose your highest demands on us, our work methods and our products. We expect the same thing of ourselves.



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